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Bathroom renovations do more than just provide a better bathtub or a roomier shower. The bathroom itself is a concept that should be aesthetically pleasing from the moment someone walks into it. The look should invite people to stay there, relax, and take care of whatever needs they have at that moment. This is the kind of bathroom update that Total Contracting will help to design for you.

Bathtubs and showers are common updates, but have you thought about the walls and cabinetry in the bathroom? Moisture collects on the walls of this room and it can quickly ruin the walls with mold and mildew, even in the colder seasons. From water-resistant paint to tiling and everything in-between, you will be able to find affordable update options today.

Bathroom Updates Aren’t Just About Tubs and Showers

He bathroom is one of the most challenging rooms in the home. Not only should it be beautiful and functional, but it must also be moisture resistant. It is the one place in a home where time truly does stand still. To create this place of perfection, Total Contracting looks for every available option for your house in Ottawa, ON. From tiling to fixtures to venting options, you will find that a bathroom update really can be a way to increase the value of a home. Call Total Contracting today to update your home, we can make your bathroom sparkle again, call (613) 680-2188.