Chimney Repair Services in Ottawa

Chimneys are found in different residential and commercial settings including industrial units in particular. They are used for different functions like parging and smoke evacuation etc. Chimney repair services in Ottawa serves the town for providing chimney installation and repairing services. These services are provided by the company to existing and brand new home including the different industrial setups. Parging protects the foundations of the homes as well by providing protection in form of a coating. Parging also acts as a barrier against outdoor elements. As chimneys have become an essential and core setup of different residential and commercial buildings, these chimneys have been designed in various shapes and designs according to the setup in which they are being installed. Parging and chimney installation not only cause the evacuation most effective but also covers the minor imperfections found in the structures and foundations of the buildings. Chimney repair services in Ottawa provides different services in repairing and installation to the new and existing building structures.


Faults and Damages in Chimneys

Minor and major damages to the chimneys are being repaired by different repairing techniques. These damages appear with the passage of time due to discolouration of the bricks, cracks in the chimney crown which ultimately leads to the excessive seepage of water between the liner and chimney. Secondly the deterioration of the mortar between the bricks of the chimney, structure cracks and bricks bulging out because of falling of the cement or mortar, cracks and breakage of tiles, rusting of the damper or firebox because of the excessive moisture, damaged thin tiles in the bottom of the chimney because of some fire hazard. All of these problems ask for repairing or replacement of chimneys. Along with the repairing, replacing and installation of the chimneys company also specializes in different repairing services.

Multiple Repairing Services

Repairing rooftop repairing services, snow and ice removal services, replacement and repairing of old rooftop material, installation of the pitched roofs, metal roofing repair and installation, disposal of old shingles and roofing material, leak Checking and repairing Services, Installation venting for roofs, blown Insulation Installations, Install Asphalt Roof Shingles and Underlayment and Soffit, Fascia and Evestroughing Services are the multiple services offered by the company in affordable price packages.