Office Fit-Ups and Renovation in Ottawa

Total Contracting provides you with office fit-ups and renovation in Ottawa. Our team is efficient and gets the job done effectively, ensuring that your valuable time is not wasted.
Whether the job involves changing the interior of your office, expanding your office space or adding more functionality to it, we do it all.
What are the visible signs that your office needs renovation? Below are some tell-tail signs that mea your office is in need of renovation:

  • When it is visible that the paint of the fall is fading or that it starts to flake.
  • Office furniture such as the desks and the chairs; and equipment might be getting old and worn.
  • If the carpeting is fading and requires replacement.
  • If the interior becomes a hindrance and reduces functionality
  • The interior is old, does not attract anyone and it does not reflect the brand image
  • If the place feels too cluttered with no proper storage mechanism

If one or more than one of the above points is true, then you are in need of a renovation. It might seem like a daunting task, but that is why you have Total Contracting. You can get a rough estimate regarding the cost of renovation of your office.
Once the project is approved, we initiate the planning phase of the project. This helps us in understanding the requirements put forth by our clients. This is where the designs are approved, any changes that are going to be made are discussed and much more. The planning phase normally takes the longest. In this part of the project, we also schedule a timeline.
As the actual implementation of the project plan takes place that is when things begin to take form and shape. It is until the renovation is well into the construction phase, clients often approach us to make changes to the plan. Keeping this in mind, we make necessary changes to the budget and the project timeline. We understand that time is the most valuable asset any company has and we make sure that the services we deliver are on time.
You can read our testimonials and find out about the quality of service we provide to our clients.